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30 August 2016

Donna Kingdon

WE were amazed at the care they gave to the furniture and items that needed to be wrapped.  We also were most appreciative that there was never a nasty word spoken to each other or to us.  The men were respectful and polite and made us feel that no request was too much.  We ended up having a few laughs too as their sense of humour melded well with ours so a few funny comments were spoken.  The atmosphere while they were here was very comfortable.  We had not experienced that in moves before so it was quite noticeable for us. 

We have found that a few boxes are not in the correct spot and maybe in the haste they just ended up in the wrong location.  I still can't find my bedroom lamps which makes us laugh because the box is a larger one.  Anyway, we had so much put in the garage while we are having some renos done and I am sure that they will be found once we start emptying the boxes in the garage next month. 

I have passed on your name to two friends.  Ronny and Hans Klaassen and Heather Gunn-Kiomall.  I felt confident that they will be taken care of in the same manner you and the movers took care of us.  Thank you again for sending the Aeroplan form.  I will get on that now.  Enjoy your day Marcel. .... Donna 

Sales Rep:  Marcel Niles

Driver:  Mike O'Teng


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