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29 February 2016

Harley and Frances Rodin

Dear Lynn, It was a pleasure to have you coordinate our second move with AMJ Campbell Van

Lines. As soon as we needed a moving company, we immediately thought to call

you. Ten years had past and we were delighted to locate you at the same AMJ office.

We knew that we could count on you to advise us on our requirements, set a good

price and arrange for a highly experienced moving crew. We especially appreciated

your advice on reserving a second day if needed to move and for us to close on the

home we were moving to a few days earlier. This really helped remove the stress of


The move to our new home was more complex than our first one. We had more

delicate furniture and fixtures that required special handling which the AMJ crew

worked very hard and careful to move. We commend the AMJ moving crew as they

made two trips to our new home and they were able to complete our move in a

single day.

The home that we moved to was freshly painted, has very narrow hallways, delicate

flooring and the furniture had to be moved to many different rooms. The moving

crew manager Steve LeBlanc, worked with us early morning, the day of our move to

plan where we wanted our items located. He ensured that items were strategically

placed on the truck to streamline the move and the crew carefully handled our many

fragile items to avoid damage. The AMJ crew worked efficiently together and was

willing to move items around to different locations that we requested during the

move. Working together to plan our move proved very effective as was had very

little work to do afterwards and it made it easy for us to unpack. The AMJ crew

ensured that all of our delicate flooring where they needed to walk was protected.

We had some very heavy office furniture; couches and huge armoires that the AMJ

team took extra care moving those items. They worked their magic lifting several

heavy pieces over railings and upstairs without causing any damage.

We appreciated your follow-up after our move and your assistance with AMJ

Campbell customer service to ensure some outstanding items were addressed to

our satisfaction.

Once again, the AMJ Campbell team proved to be the best in class moving company

and very professional in every manner. We look forward to keeping in contact with

you and we are pleased to highly continue to refer AMJ Campbell.

Best regards,

Harley and Frances Rodin


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