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01 December 2015

Richard Meech

Subject: Re: En route to Vancouver

Hi Coady, It feels like years since we last communicated! (But only four days!) The move went extremely well over the two days. Ben and his team were excellent. Wonderful people and professional container packers. As you know they managed to get everything into FIVE containers - very impressive. Jill and I worked hard the last ten days to remove or sell even more of our furniture than you saw on your second visit, so we were very pleased to see everything fit into five. We did have to leave behind one table from the coach house which we gave to a neighbour.

The crating guys were also first class - they could have built a house in a day they were so efficient. Again, many thanks for sending the A team.
As per our discussion, I understand that whatever has been crated here will be uncrated at delivery, correct? And that whatever has been disassembled here will be reassembled at our new location? You explained that boxes of china, glasses etc will not be unpacked but we certainly will need the guys to put things back together that they took apart. They have a separate box with 'Set Up' items marked for this purpose.

Can you please confirm, Coady? And when you have a chance, please send an updated quote with the Five containers.

We're off to Vancouver tomorrow morning! Hard to believe.
Thank you for all your help to date, Coady! Speak soon.



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