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14 October 2015

Steve Ichelson

Well, Well!

Sean and Whelan were great, AS USUAL!  The rest of the crew was fantastic.  Unfortunately, the Markham supervisor did not come downtown and give me a hug and a kiss, so I can’t give her the same rating.

In all seriousness, you know I cross a lot of moving crews in the course of a year, both for us on the project side, and for tenants in our buildings.  I’m always amazed that the AMJ Campbell crews are personable, outgoing, and not afraid to talk to people.  That’s rare, and makes these moves far more enjoyable.  And, that is over and above the higher skill level we get.

I meant to talk to Whelan before I left.  One of his younger guys (working the elevator, large afro) was asking some great building and environmental questions when I was in the elevator with him.  If the kid wants a tour of our building (he was really interested in the deep lake water cooling), I’d be happy to give him one.

We will need to keep the bins that are still here a while longer.  We are just getting started on our new filing system.

Thanks for everything, it made my weekend really easy.

Have a great Labour Day Weekend. 

Best regards,  Steve Ichelson


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