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08 September 2015

Harvey Gordon

Mr. Yaeck,

I commend you on the performance of the quality of the staff you sent to move me out and in over a two day period last week. The team was led by Adam and consisted of Craig, Dave, Tim and Mac. 5 professional guys who worked extremely hard on a difficult move, always with a smile, and never lost patience with us. Their answer to every request was “yes”. A first rate experience. You can use Beverley or me for a reference anytime.

I wanted to single out Adam for praise. He is a natural leader and motivator. He kept everyone moving efficiently and effectively. I have run domestic and international companies for over 30 years and when I see someone with his capabilities, I take note, as I am sure you do too. These folk are rare and Adam is definitely a star.

Thank you to the 5 guys and thank you to your organization. I can’t say that moving is something that I would want to do regularly, but when it happens it is great to have your team there to make it as easy as possible.

All the best.



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