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03 April 2017

Bruce Conner

Hi Jim,  I am writing this email as it is very important to me that you be aware of the tremendous job the AMJ Campbell Team did in moving my mother-in-law and father-in-law (Audrey and Erl Johnson) from Toronto to Guelph.  This move was both complex and large scale and would not have been the success it was without AMJ Campbell’s involvement. 

Dennis Kelly

Dennis was our Sales Representative and he was truly amazing.  He was professional, always approachable via email, office or cell phone and provided a solution as numerous new issues arose.  For us however, the most important thing was how patient, compassionate and understanding Dennis was. 

Damien and Crew

Unfortunately I do not have any last names but I can tell you Damien’s moving crew was top notch.  Phase one of the move took part on December 21st and we had Damien, Freeman and Jay.  Like Dennis these men were professional, polite and very hard working.  Again, what we appreciated most of all was their patience and their great sense of humor.  Audrey and Erl really liked the guys and this was very important.  We requested Damien and crew for phase two which took place on February 2nd and Dennis and Dispatch were able to accommodate our request.  There was a fourth crew member this time and I am afraid I cannot remember his name but he was also top notch.  Being able to call Audrey and Erl in Guelph and let them know Damien was in charge and on the way was huge for us.  Both phases went off without issue and this is a credit to Damien and his guys.

Packing Crew

Sabrina and Annie were also great.  We had thought they might need one day plus but they were able to finish in the first day.  They were hard workers and were very efficient.

China Cabinet

As mentioned above, Dennis provided solutions for numerous issues.  He enlisted the services of Scott and Lee in order to disassemble a china cabinet that could not have been moved in one piece.  This cabinet had tremendous sentimental value to Audrey and Erl and there was a fear that it might not be able to be moved.  Lee came up with a solution and the cabinet was moved in several pieces.  Lee then went to Guelph on February 3rd and reassembled the cabinet, much to the delight of Audrey and Erl.

Please feel free and I hope you will share this note with everyone mentioned above and anyone else within your organization.  We are truly grateful for everything AMJ Campbell did for us.

Bruce Conner


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